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Nurses everywhere are taking their careers to the next level by getting certified with the College of Long-Term Care. Scroll down to learn why you should too!

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Learn More, Earn More

The overall goal of the Skin Wound Ostomy Certification is to bring the highest level of patient care to the long-term care community, which includes nursing home, hospices and home health patients.


The SWOC® is a designation for nurses, which demonstrate competence in following standard of care in the field of skin, wound, and ostomy care.


The College of Long Term Care administers the SWOC examination to nurses interested in studying best practice guidelines for chronic wound, ostomy, and skin conditions and then testing their knowledge base to qualify as an SWOC. CLTC is the certification body which administers the SWOC Certification exam and conducts oversight of the SWOC Certification process.


Attendance at any CLTC educational activities does not guarantee passage of the SWOC Certification exam. The SWOC Certification process is a separate entity from the SWOC Educational Course.

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