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“The lecture was wonderful and tons of fun! I definitely would recommend to others.”

-Arlene from Oakland, CA


“I have learned a lot of specifications about wound etiology and treatments. I can now provide better care for my patients, provide teachings for my co-workers and explain more to family and friends on how and why specific treatments are done.”

-Remedios from Los Angeles, CA


“Extremely joyful deliver of occasionally grim data. Infectious love of high quality patient care and critical thinking by both presenters.”

-Grace from Houston, TX


“Very informative and I can’t wait to use this knowledge in my practice.”

-Jaclyn from Anaheim, CA


“Appreciated Henry’s simplistic approach in his explanations. Loved the real-life work/personal experiences Phyllis shared as well as her sense of humor.”

-Chris from San Diego, CA


“Loved this course and instructors. Informative and fun at the same time. Very interactive class. Could learn new things from other people’s experiences!"”

-Kimberly from New Orleans, LA


“Highly enjoyed the class! I learned a lot of useful information that will make me a better nurse.”

- Jordan from Baton Rouge, LA


“This course and the presentations of lectures was exceptional. Very informative and not boring.”

- Joel from Sacramento CA


“The course was great! There’s always room for improvement, but I couldn’t see any areas that needed it. It was all great!”

-Jennifer from Dallas TX


“Thank you for all the lectures. I am very satisfied with the course and learned new concepts for delivering better patient care.”

-Pamela from San Antonio, TX

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