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About Us

The College of Long-Term Care

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Mission Statement

Research, Education, Public Policy

Founded in 2012, The College of Long Term Care is an open, clinical, educational body designed to advance evidence-based care to improve patient health care delivery in long-term care facilities.

The College is dedicated to increasing public awareness, and we are dedicated to advancing educated government policy decisions affecting the health care delivery system.

As an all-inclusive educational body the college welcomes owners, physicians, senior management, and nursing staff to participate in increasing awareness and advancing a positive public message for skilled nursing facilities.

The College is also dedicated to advancing medical education to professionals at all levels of the health care delivery system.

About The SWOC Course

The Skin Wound Ostomy educational course is an exciting and fun educational program, specifically designed for nurses, conducted in cooperation by the Skilled Wound Care Physicians Group and the College of Long Term Care.

The focus of the course is on everyday clinical wound care issues. The goal of the SWOC course is to give nurses a broader and greater understanding of skin, wound, and ostomy issues, which occur in patients with chronic conditions. In addition, we also strive to improve health care delivery for patients and improve outcomes overall. 


Course Details

The course is an intensive and interactive experience, given by Henry Okonkwo Surgical PA, Phyllis Matthews R.N., and other SWOC Course Staff of the Skilled Wound Care Program.


This is a 3-day course with an optional skills lab (not available at all courses). Knowledge, expertise, and experience are delivered, along with evidence-based data on patient management.


The College of Long Term Care is the educational body, which partners with the SWOC Course to ensure appropriate standards are met.


Participants will be better equipped to manage skin disorders, assess/treat wounds, prevent skin breakdown, identify/treat/assess ostomy and gastrostomy problems. The cost of the course is all-inclusive of books, fees, and course lectures.

Course Requirements

There is no requirement for a certain number of hours of wound care or treatment experience to join the course, but the course is appropriate for nurses working at hospitals, wound clinics, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, and home health agencies. Licensed nurses may register for the course or separately take the examination for certification. The cost of the course is all-inclusive of books, fees, and course lectures.

Please note: Attendance at the swoc educational course does not grant the swoc certification title. You must meet the requirements for, enroll, and pass the swoc certification exam to become swoc certified. Attendance at the swoc educational course does not guarantee that you will pass the swoc certification exam. Contents of the certification exam do not corroborate with the course, as the questions selected are not known to course instructors.

Disclaimer: Certification is not licensure. The SWOC Course does not grant nursing licenses. The College of Long Term Care is a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.  For more information on certification please go to

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