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The exam is a 100 question multiple choice type exam, where examinees should choose the best answer of 4 possible options. Currently the exam is a live proctored exam with a 2 hour window to complete the exam. Students are given a scantron at the start of the exams, and the scantrons are graded using electronic software. The exam is a paper exam, and the scantron is filled with a number 2 pencil.

Venues and dates for the exam are given at various times throughout the year.


The SWOC-S  exam tests clinical knowledge in the areas of bedside skin, wound, and ostomy care. Questions are formulated from best practice recommendations published in peer reviewed medical journals and the latest medical literature.

Please notify us in advance if you have any special test taking requirements related to any learning disabilities. Additional time will be given to those who require it due to medical conditions.

Special accommodations can also be made for individuals with other disabilities who may have seating, hearing, and/or visual impairment.

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